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Why Is Water Coming Up Out Of My Drains?

clean drains

If your drains are backing up, be sure to call a plumber ASAP!

Are you having trouble with your drains? In the world of plumbing, there are high drains and low drains. The low drains are in your showers, tubs, and toilets, whereas your sinks have the highest drains in your system. This means that if you are having water coming up out of your sink drain, it is generally a problem associated with that particular sink, rather than the entire plumbing system. However, if there is water backing up into your tubs or toilets, you might have an issue with a main plumbing component. Below, we will discuss a few common causes of backed up drains.

Dishwasher Woes

Is your dishwasher running when your kitchen sink backs up? If so, the drain lines that come out of the dishwasher might be clogged or restricted. Make sure to have them flushed, and the problem should go away.

Drain Lines

There is a master drain line in your home. In the event that you have hair or dirt backing up into your lower drains, as well as a foul odor, you likely have a backed up or clogged main sewer line. Be sure to call a professional to sort this out for your ASAP!


Every drain should be equipped with a trap that is meant to keep sewer gas from coming up through your pipes. In the event that your trap becomes clogged by hair, soaps, and other debris that flush down the sink, the trap will stop allowing water to flow through it, and the drain will begin to backup. It is wise to hire a professional to assist you here as well, to ensure the repair is done quickly and correctly.

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4 Signs You Are In Need Of Toilet Repair Services

4 Signs You Are In Need Of Toilet Repair Services

Know When It Is Time To Have a Toilet Repair

When we think about one of the most important plumbing systems in our homes, toilets are usually at the top of the list. Because of this, it is essential to have a toilet that is always in good condition. Unfortunately, there will be times when we need toilet repair for our home’s bathrooms. However, it can be hard to determine when toilet repair is actually needed. Below are four signs you are in need of toilet repair services.

Persistent Clogs

Is your toilet always clogged? It might be time to call a plumber for toilet repair. While it might seem like a plunger can do the trick, having to use the plunger frequently can be annoying. A professional plumber can determine what is causing the clog and have it repaired in no time.

Constantly Running

A major sign that your need a toilet repair is when your toilet is continuously running. Not only is this bad for your toilet, but it can waste a ton of water per day, Call a plumber if you are dealing with this problem.

Water Won’t Refill

After a toilet has been flushed, the tank and the bowl will fill with water. When this doesn’t happen, then you need to call a plumber for toilet repair.

Handle Is Stuck or Loose

Either the toilet handle is stuck in a position or it is incredibly loose. When this happens, it is best to call a plumber to remedy the problem quick.

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Three Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Even if you do not smell gas, you could possibly have a gas leak. The dangerous nature of gas leaks makes it imperative for people of all ages to recognize symptoms and signs of a problem. Large gas leaks present an immediate danger to everyone in your home. Smaller gas leaks, while less of a threat, can still make you sick and bring about an increase in your bill. When it comes to gas, the best course of action remains to stay vigilant. Memorize the following symptoms, and call your gas company immediately upon suspicion of a leak.

gas leak

Improperly installed or maintained appliances cause many gas leaks.

Symptoms of a Gas Leak

Hissing Sound

A slight hissing sound anywhere near your gas lines can indicate a leak. As a matter of fact, any detectable hissing suggests a somewhat sizable leak. Check to make sure that the sound cannot have another source, then call your gas company.


The most obvious and frequently encountered symptom of a gas leak, a rotten egg smell in your home should never get ignored. The gas company adds a special chemical to natural gas specifically for this function. Also, do not brush this scent off if you smell it outside. It can still signal a gas leak, one that the utility company should most certainly know about.

Dead Plants

Plants will also suffer do to direct exposure to gas. If you have indoor plants situated near a gas appliance, pay attention to any signs of decay. If you notice a dead or struggling patch in your yard, an underground natural gas leak could be the culprit.

If you’ve had a gas leak and need your lines tested or repaired in Seattle, WA, trust the experts at Trusted Plumbing and Heating. For jobs large and all, we are your local experts for plumbing and heating repairs. Call us today at (206) 629-8686.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Shower Floor Drain

Keep Drains Clear to Prevent Water Overflow

Anyone can go to the store and buy a bottle of drain cleaner at the first sign of a slow drain in their home. But depending on the clog you’re dealing with, a liquid drain cleaner may be little help if any at all. When you hire a professional plumber for drain cleaning, you can be sure that the completed service will leave your drain clean with less chance of the clog reforming.

When it comes to clearing a pipeline, there are two methods commonly used:

The first is a drain snake which is used to pull the clog out of the pipeline. It is a quick and simple method but doesn’t always leave the pipeline completely clear of debris. Any leftover gunk in the pipeline can actually cause a clog to reform in the same place.

Another option is hydro jetting. Using high pressure water, a hydro jet is a great way to blast away debris and leave the pipelines completely clean without worrying about any build up left behind. It is fast way to clean drain lines without leaving a mess to clean up after.

Hiring a professional plumber to clean drains and pipelines ensure that your plumbing equipment is cleaned properly without the risk of damage causing more trouble along the way. If you require drain cleaning services in Seattle, WA, then call the experts at Trusted Plumbing and Heating today! (206) 629-8686. Our plumbers are available 24/7 for plumbing repairs and emergencies!

3 Signs Your Hot Water Heater Needs Maintenance ASAP!

Many homeowners wait until their hot water heater has completely called it quits before they think to ask for help. However, spotting a problem before it gets out of  hand can really save you some uncomfortably cold showers, among other problems. Luckily, the typical water heater displays a few cries for help before it gives up.Hot water heater repair


1.) Brown, or Rusty Water

If you notice brown or rusty water coming from your faucets when you go for hot water, it may be coming from your pipes. However, if your home is equipped with galvanized piping, it may be coming from rust within your hot water heater! Rust within the water heater will lead to an eventual leak, so it may be time to replace it.

2.) Strange Noises, Rumbling and Grumbling

Generally, homeowners don’t like anything making strange noises in their home. This should ring especially true for your water heater. While mild clicking noises heard when starting a gas-fired water heater are to be expected, loud, inconsistent noises can indicate sediment build-up, scale issues, or a loose installment. In these cases, a routine maintenance can be enough to solve your problem.

3.) Sorry, No Golden Years for Your Hot Water Heater

Depending on the make, most water heaters have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. avoid unpleasant surprises, It is critical that you know how old your water heater is! If your water heater came with your house, or if you have forgotten the purchase date, you can find the manufacturing date on the side. The date is often in an irregular format, so you may have to decode it depending on the manufacturer.

Don’t let your hot water heater take you by surprise! Take some time to check out your hot water heater for damage or leakage, and save yourself time, money, and trouble down the road!

Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating at (206) 629-8686 for all of your hot water heater needs in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas!

What Not To Put in Your Garbage Disposal

garbage disposalYes, it is called a garbage disposal, but contrary to what some may believe, not all garbage can go in there. The experts Trusted Heating and Plumbing are here to let you know all about what not to put in your garbage disposal.

  • Eggshells: These are said to be beneficial as they are supposed to sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal unit. But the reality is that they do more harm than good. There is a thin membrane that lines the inside of the shell and when you throw it into the unit, it wraps around the blades. In the end, you’re left with more trouble than you started with.
  • Pits and Seeds: Pits from food, such as avocados, peaches, or cherries are not able to be ground up in your garbage disposal. They only bounce around like a pinball machine and can result in major damages.
  • Things in bulk: Even with foods that your unit is able to safely process, it is important that the right amount goes in at one time. So try not to dump an entire plate of scraps in all at once. Instead, feed the unit a small amount, allow it to grind it up, and continue until you’re done.

The bottom line is, if any of these items enter your garbage disposal, you’re headed to an entire heap of trouble comprised of a malfunctioning appliance and expensive repairs.The specialists at Trusted Heating and Plumbing are here to help you avoid disaster. Give us a call today at (206) 629-8686.

Heat Saving Tips

heat saving tipsThe winter weather has settled in and that means those heaters are running consistently to ensure that your home remains nice and comfy. But the more your heater runs, the more energy you burn, right? Although this is true, there are ways to keep the heat within your home allowing your to not have waste so much energy on your heater. Check out some of these heat saving tips.

  • Cover the windows with a plastic film: A good portion of your heat is lost through your windows and patio doors. Adding a transparent plastic film can decrease that loss. The film is inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to remove once the weather begins to warm up again.
  • Get rid of drafty electrical outlets: If you remove the plate off of the electrical box anywhere in your home, don’t be surprised if you find a hole in your wall. Insulation isn’t normally placed around and behind them allowing for a passageway for air. Stop the leaks by filling small gaps with acrylic latex caulk and larger gaps with foam sealant.
  • Invest in a space heater: Placing a space heater in the room where you and your loved ones spend the most time allows you be able to turn down the furnace. Although this will make the rest of the house cooler, you will no longer have to worry about heating rooms that are being unused and wasting unnecessary money.

Everyone likes to save money and that is a fact. Put those extra dollars towards something else during this holiday season and call the experts at Trusted Heating and Plumbing at (206) 629-8686.

Plumbing Emergency!: Tips For Home-Owners

Photo of emergency When you have a plumbing crisis, you may feel as though you are powerless to stop or contain the damage the problem is causing. Whether it is a leaking pipe or an overflowing toilet, the damage that can occur depends on your actions. Do you know what to do when a plumbing emergency strikes? We have compiled a short list of tips to prepare yourself in case an emergency occurs.

Plumbing Emergency 101:

  1. Know where the main shut off valve is located: Your plumber may need to shut off all water depending on how severe the emergency is. Knowing the location of the water main shut off valve will make it easier on you and the plumber to expedite the needed repairs.
  2. Acquaint yourself will all valves in your home: For faucets, toilets, and some pipes, there are small levers or knobs that will stop the water from traveling to that location. These can keep water from continuing to escape and prevent damage to your home. Make sure you locate and check your shut off valves in your home.
  3. Pull together an emergency plumbing kit: Having a kit in case of emergency can allow you to complete temporary fixes. This will help you keep your home intact while you wait for your plumber. Allen wrenches, duct tape, and pliers are just some of the few tools you will need. Want an idea for your tool box? Try using a bucket for your emergency tool it. When resolving a problem, this can be used to catch water.
  4. Get Regular Cleanings: As always, regular cleaning and inspection can keep your plumbing healthy, preventing any issues.

These tips will help you keep a level head when your plumbing goes haywire. Do you need a plumbing inspection? Call Trusted Plumbing & Heating today at (206) 629-8686.

Water Saving Tips: How To Save Water And Money

Photo of waterPeople are always looking to save a little here and there within their utilities. Did you know you can do the same with your water bill? There are many ways to keep your usage down and lower your water bill over all. We’ve compiled a short list of the best water conservation suggestion for homes in Seattle, WA!

Water Saving Tips

  • If you have a dishwasher, utilize it! Dishwashers can handle large loads of dishes with a smaller amount. Be sure to load your dishwasher up to its maximum. Also, do not rinse your plates before loading up. Simply scrape off excess food particles from plates before loading.
  • Keep a pitcher or gallon of water in your fridge for drinking. Having some set aside like this can come in handy for drinking as well as when the power goes out. It will reduce the amount of times you use your tap.
  • Take short showers instead of baths. While you shouldn’t sacrifice on cleanliness, showers utilize less and can still be relaxing.
  • Only wash full loads of laundry. Most washers are built for large capacity and draw a certain amount of water to fit that need. They do not adjust for smaller loads. This way, you will get the most out of your washer.
  • Try and install faucet aerators on your taps! This will not reduce pressure, but it will reduce flow for your sinks. Some newer faucets already have this installed for efficiency purposes.

By saving a little here and there, we not only help the environment, but also ourselves. These tips will help you become more water efficient. To ensure your plumbing is as well, give Trusted Plumbing & Heating a call today at (206) 629-8686 for a plumbing inspection!