Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Air conditioning is an important part of a home’s livability. When it goes out, inhabitants can become miserable. Your system needs to be up and running as quickly as possible! Whether it is a wall or a central air unit, Trusted Plumbing & Heating has got your back on your home’s needs. We are prepared to work on any sort of unit within a home. Give us a call today at (206) 629-8686 for a specialist handle your air conditioning repair in Renton, WA, Seattle, WA and the surrounding area.

Heat Pumps, The New Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning

Keep Your Surrounding Cool and Comfy During Those Warmer Months with an Effective AC System

When seeking new air conditioning or heating systems, it is important these days to seek efficiency. You want a system that won’t cost an arm and a leg before and after installation. It’s also important that it is a long lived system, meaning it won’t break down after five years. At Trusted Plumbing & Heating, we always recommend heat pumps to our customers. Heat pumps are a new air conditioning system that maintain your home’s temperature through rotating air from outside to the inside. If your home is too cold, it pulls in heat from the outside. If it is too warm, it pulls in cool air from the outside. This rotation means your system will run on less power. These sturdy little systems last up to 25 years and are very cost and energy efficient.

Heat pumps are a fantastic green air conditioning option for your home! Due to the way they warm and cool your home, they do not contribute to air pollution problems. No fossil fuels are expended and no pollution, fumes, or smoke are generated. The regulation system within a heat pump means your entire home will remain at a constant temperature. It can even assist with asthma, as the circulation keeps the air filtered. Interested in a heat pump for your home? Call us today at (206) 629-8686 to speak with a HVAC specialists. We’re here providing reliable air conditioning repairs and installations throughout Renton, Seattle, WA and the surrounding area!