Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals can be one of the most fragile pieces of your kitchen plumbing. Breakdowns and clogs can be frequent. It can seem like, no matter what you do, it will just break down again. Instead of purchasing a brand new one to replace your old unit, you can have it repaired! Let our team of professional plumbers bring your garbage disposal back to life. At Trusted Plumbing & Heating, we have the technology needed to get your kitchen sink running as it should and your disposal back to doing what it does best. Our plumbers will perform an inspection to ensure all blockages are eliminated and your blades are working correctly. We are your go-to plumber for Seattle, WA and the surrounding area. Call us today at (206) 629-8686 to speak with our experienced plumbers about your garbage disposal repair throughout Renton, WA and surrounding areas.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

That Clanging Noise Coming from Your Kitchen May Be An Indicator That You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair

People are quick to dismiss a garbage disposal unit as defective and broken instead of having it repaired. This can lead to pricey replacements. Before you do this, take the time to assess whether this is necessary. You can call your local plumber for an inspection, but if you are not sure that is necessary, you can assess the disposal yourself. Always unplug your garbage disposal before any handling or disassembly. Once unplugged, you can disassemble your unit and see if there is any clogs or blade damage. Never stick your hand down the disposal even when off, as this is dangerous!

If you are unable to find an obvious clog or reason for your garbage disposal to not be working, it is time to contact your local plumber. An inspection of the drain, disposal, and pipes should be completed to see where the problem is coming from. Blade replacement is much cheaper and simpler than purchasing a whole new garbage disposal unit. If your garbage disposal is no longer functioning, call (206) 629-8686 to speak with one of our licensed and bonded plumbers about your garbage disposal repair in Renton and Seattle, WA or inspection.