Grinder Pump Repair

Grinder Pump Repair

When You Find Yourself With a Malfunctioning Grinder Pump, Contact Us for Immediate Repairs

If your grinder pump is constantly kicking on or not coming on at all, it is time for service and repair. Grinder pumps are the parts of your sewer system that breaks down and carries away your waste water. Failure of these can lead to huge problems, such as back ups that rise through your yard or basement. When your grinder pump needs service, call Trusted Plumbing & Heating at (206) 629-8686 for grinder pump repair in Seattle, WA.  We are your go-to plumber for emergency services and inspections.


Do’s And Don’ts of Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps play a very important role in your plumbing. While these can be found in your yard, this is not usual as placement of the grinder must be below the frost line when in this location. Your grinder pump is more likely to be found in your basement. Once waste collects from your pipes into the holding tank, a floater tells your plumbing when it is time to get rid of it. Your grinder pump kicks on and then turns all the waste collected into a slurry for efficient evacuation down to the main sewage. When this piece breaks down, it can cause pipe problems as well as back ups in your home. Sometimes, this breakdown can occur due to things we dispose of improperly! You should never ever pour items like kitty litter, paint, any kind of oil, or baby wipes down a drain. These items, especially baby wipes, clog your pipes and break your grinder pumps blades. Always throw items in their proper disposal receptacle.

Local Grinder Pump Repair

At Trusted Plumbing & Heating, we are insured, licensed, and bonded to take care of your plumbing needs. A grinder pump going out is not a plumbing task you should wait on as it can damage your home and your plumbing, costing more in the long run. Our plumbers are available for emergency plumbing service when you need it. We are dedicated to surpassing our clients expectations through our wide array of services. Give us a call today at (206) 629-8686 for your grinder pump repair in Renton, WA and Seattle, WA.